What Is Bad Kids?

The perennial Award Winning Master songwriter Malik Yusef takes the guess work out of songwriting and production by creating this unique collaborative camp for artists, songwriters and producers to work together and create original content. Bad Kids offers a collaborative creative process where members can mentor and uplift each other as they traverse the music industry. Malik offers spirited mentorship, educational workshops and strategic partnership opportunities for his Kampers so they can produce real music for established artists and obtain viable sync and placement opportunities.

  • Kampers create real music for the real world. Members have opportunities for sync and placements, writing and production opportunities for National Recording Artists, Live performance and Tour opportunities, Industry Networking Events and so much more!

  • Songwriting and Production Courses taught by Industry leaders.

  • Mentorship and Guidance from Malik Yusef

Bad Kids Alumni

Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Snoh Alegrah, Vic Mensa, ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Consequence, Teyana Taylor, Bibi Bourelly, Chance The Rapper, Hit Boyand Danny Leigh just to name a few.

World Class Placements

"Bad Kids Klass is the cheat code to Industry success." - Malik Yusef

Hone your skills and talents while making relevant contributions to the industry from Day one!


  • When Does Klass Meet?

    Bad Kids Klass is held daily at 8pm CST/9pm EST. Our members meet nightly via zoom for songwriting and production sessions. We have weekly special guests and annual Members have exclusive access to songwriting sessions with Malik's special guests and national recording artists. Special classes and Courses are added monthly.

  • What is the Looking List and how do I participate?

    The looking list is the holy grail for music industry leaders looking for songs to place with the industry's most elite artists, such as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Drake, Lil Baby & more! Annual members have access to the daily, weekly and monthly briefs we receive from our label partners.

  • What is a Sync?

    Sync (or synchronisation) is a process where songs are combined with moving images – film, TV series, adverts, video games, trailers etc. Sync deals are usually arranged between a music publisher and a prospective client, which is normally a music supervisor or a film producer. Bad Kids has a partnership with SmashCoast Music whose past-placements for our members have included, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, MTV, BET, HBO & Syncr. As an annual member you'll have the opportunity to have your music listened to by our Sync Partners, Smash Coast Music and other experts in Film, TV, Video Games and more.

  • Do I need to be a member to have Malik Yusef review my music?

    No, You can purchase a "Glamping Session" with Malik for $199.00. You will have a 1 hour virtual session where you can discuss your current project, the music industry, or get assistance with polishing your writing for a particular song.

  • How often do kampers write for national recording artists ?

    Almost Daily. Since January 2022 We have had at least one major placement opportunity a week. Our members have learned valuable skills and earned noteworthy placements. We recently had 2 members win a Grammy in 2022!

We are Great, but what makes us special?

At Bad Kids Klass, we believe that creativity exceeds competition on the road to greatness. We believe that focusing on quality, well created product and service is the ultimate organic advantage in this Industry..

  • The Culture

    Malik has built a culture that respects the input of EVERY participant. No matter where your skill level falls, you will be able to participate fully in Bad Kids Projects.

  • Daily Results and Opportunities

    Our Klass runs daily for most of the year and has participated in Major industry projects, sync placements and inclusion on major releases including Kanye West's Donda, resulting in 3 of our members earning Grammy Awards.

  • The Immersive Engagement Model.

    Bad Kids Klass is an Artist's investment in his or her active participation in paid, working projects.

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